Recommended by Christy Garavetto - Fine Art Photography.  Here's how Christy sees art helping those who are grieving:

"What suddenly occurred to me is that we have all of these people who are unable to deal with their own sense of loss, grief or feeling that they don't belong anywhere - so many people are searching for where they fit in and how they fit in due to life changes or circumstances beyond their control, it spans all age groups, ethnic groups, etc. What is needed, in some cases, is a way to start the connection and I feel that my photos do that - whether it is a Dr. who's feeling the after affects of a really tough loss or a nurse who gets it - so they could just be having coffee and the Dr. chooses the coffee cup with the leaf on it that has a hole in it and the nurse sees that and comes back with a cup of their own that has a photo of two leaves touching - like hands holding - and sets it down next to the first one as they exchange a look. That's the beginning and that is the next step in opening up. It could be a shirt for a grief group that people take home so they don't feel disconnected when they are back home and it could show that progress happens in grief too. It can be great for men who feel but cannot find the words to talk about it - as a heads up for the closest to them or to their group of care givers helping them through therapy for loss, suicide prevention, PTSD, survivors guilt, pet loss etc. Starting the conversation or just expressing what is going on inside without words. "

Learn more about Christy's work at The Grief Directory

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