I love the serendipity of curating a playlist - not least because you come across new wonderful music - but the way certain tracks come to your attention is fascinating.

No doubt due to her existing celebrity the arrival of Olivia Newton John's new album Liv On made it's way into my feeds.  The idea behind the project was that together with Canadian singer Amy Sky and Nashville singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, they would create an album that directly looked at healing grief through music - so yeah - right in my wheelhouse.

As with all new music I listen to it repeatedly until it seeps into my consciousness and I find myself being drawn to certain tracks.  I moved three of the LIV tracks into the staging playlist - basically a filtering stage where I put promising tracks to listen again before they go onto the main music to grieve to playlist.  The most resonant of those tracks was Sand and Water - and it probably would have been added some time next week.  And yet today - while working on the grief directory I come across a newspaper interview with Olivia Newton John about the project and find out that the track was originally recorded by Beth Chapman first.   So - I search for it and realize that I actually dig it more than the LIV version.

So - here it is - an amazing song about loss....

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