Like last week's track, it's the lyric that got me:

"It's just all this fucking doubt..."

Yeah, yeah it is, isn't it.

I'd never heard of The Tallest Man on Earth before - the music is super accessible, not quite "jangly" guitars but you can hear a bit of Lloyd Cole in there, but again it's the story that pulls you in.

Just the way he sings the line about doubt is going to resonate with anyone who has come out of a relationship.  The sheer heartbreaking honesty in the delivery had me reaching for repeat and then investigating the track.

Grief is part of being alive - relationships end, lives end, careers end etc.  

We all know what it's like to be down there but - for me at least - when I hear someone else "being there" - when a track or a lyric reaches out and pulls me in and says - "yes - I know what it's like too," it makes me feel better.  Not from some weird schadenfreude that hey at least some other person is having a bad time too - it's quite the opposite.  

It's that I feel less alone - it's that I feel if someone else can be down here too then it's not just me - it's not hopeless, I don't have to deal with it all myself - I feel very human and it makes me connect back to people - and that's why I love music - and why I love doing this list.

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