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If you're looking for a sad song this week I'm sorry but you're shit out of luck.  If however you're looking to get to grips with your grief, maybe take it out and show it what you think of it - this might be the perfect track.  Submitted by Rich Boyd, a father of two stillborn twins and three rainbow children, this is a man who clearly knows a thing or two about grief.  Here's what he has to say about the track:

It’s an amazing piece of music, it captures so many moods and ebbs and flows much the way grief does. It starts with a grinding, insistent aggression building until it ebbs to a more contemplative considered moment before lashing out ahead of a lull as the rage and despair and frustration fades leaving the gentle shushing of drums and a gentle mournful melody of comfort ushering in the fall of notes like tears until it builds again into a roaring crescendo only to pass from a storm into a hypnotic coda letting all the tension drain away leaving an uneasy sense off relief.
Rich Boyd - Shoebox Full of Memories

If you'd like to learn more about stillbirth, grief and parenting after loss check out Rich's writing over at Shoebox of Memories.

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