Music's amazing isn't it?!  Songs are these things that suddenly appear in our life and attach themselves to an event, a time, a memory - and they never disappear.   Songwriters can tell you what they meant when they wrote the song, but they also recognize that once its "out there" the meaning is whatever you, the listener, interpret it to be.

This song is my Dad and how I was feeling after he died.  The lyrics don't make any sense in that respect but the sheer effortless ethereal beauty of the harmonies and the percussion and the build and the just - dammit - everything about this song thrills me and makes me glad to be alive and makes me remember him with happy sadness.

If you get a chance - check out the live version of the track they have up on YouTube here - it's even better.

I was lucky enough to have seen them last night playing the Troubadour in Los Angeles, it was an awesome show - they are so incredibly talented and I'm stoked to be able to listen to their musical journey.

You can learn more about The Staves here:

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