I'm a sucker for beautiful piano - I should be as that's the kind of piano I like to write and play.  Ludovico Einaudi is a genius and this track with its 29+ million streams is a good example of why.

For me - the purpose of music to grieve to is to create an emotional state where I can be with my grief - my loss - to feel it - to experience it and hopefully move through it.  Whether it's a song with a lyric that resonates with me or an instrumental that creates the right environment - I'm actively choosing to listen to it - and that means I'm actively choosing to deal with my grief.

Le Onde evokes so many memories - creates so many emotions - it is delicate but dynamic, it plays with major and minor themes, it strives to be free and yet pulls itself back into calm and sometimes painful introspection.

At least - that is what it does for me - you should try it...

(Oh - and he was the crazy dude that was playing a grand piano in the artic - so - yeah - he's a dude!)

You can find out more about Ludovico here:

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