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Totally on a heart break trip at the moment - which is odd considering what’s going on in real life - but there’s so many great tracks that deal with the different aspects of falling in and out of love - and this is one.

And while the vast majority of heart break tracks deal with the pain of being left, or cheated on or God forbid - the loved one dying - I’m always more drawn to the tracks that place the responsibility for the break up on the protagonist - on us.

I think it’s so much more interesting to acknowledge that - when it comes to relationships - you don’t know how it’s going to go until you get into them - until you cross that line where you’ve committed enough that if you break up - it’s going to hurt. How many times have you been in that space only to find out that you’re not a good fit - and it’s not them - they’re totally in and in love with you - grooving on your rhythm and staring starry eyed into yours - only for you to suddenly know for the first time that it’s never going to work.

And that’s a shit place - a shit space - ‘cos by now you do indeed - if not truly love them - care deeply for them - and of course they now love you and it’s going to hurt them deeply if you break it up. But that’s the risk isn’t it - both parties assume it to enter the space and it’s a crap shoot as to whether you win or lose.

Edge of Time describes this process beautifully - simply but stunningly executed - the final verse says it all:

The colors were there; they were you & and me
The colors were there; to a certain degree
But I can feel clearly now
The stars were out
And we couldn’t see
I can hear clearly now
My heart will always drum
a different beat

The kindest thing you can do when you reach this point is end it as quickly and honestly - and as gently - as possible. If you find yourself in this space - you could probably do that with this track playing in the background…

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