Throughout the experience of life, adversity, change, and loss effect us all, and all differently. One of the biggest concerns of these experiences that people will try to avoid them, hide from them, or turn away from them. We see this as helpful in our own mind but really it never works well. Grief has a way of resurfacing when not processed.
— Steve Sewell - Encouraging Hope

The Grief Directory is a curated list of organizations and products that exist to serve those who have been affected by or who are currently dealing with grief.

Curated means that instead of just compiling a list of links, we take the time to find out about an organization or product.  If they are legitimate and current, we create a considered listing that makes it easy to find out how they can best help you.

If you know of a product or an organization that makes a difference, take a minute and tell us about them - organizational listings are always free