Another submission from the Grief Directory - this time from the team behind The Life Chest.

The Life Chest with is a comprehensive storytelling product that saves important tangible keepsakes along with written accounts and digital files to share with family and friends. Unlike piecemeal personalization products, this combined offering is of huge value and convenience for families. It offers a solution to several challenges, by providing a feel-good product for grieving families. The Life Chest can even serve as either a temporary or permanent place to store an urn alongside personal keepsakes and mementos.

Find out more about The Life Chest at Grief Directory.

The Grief Directory is a curated list of organizations and products that exist to serve those who have been affected by or who are currently dealing with grief.

Curated means that instead of just compiling a list of links, we take the time to find out about an organization or product.  If they are legitimate and current, we create a considered listing that makes it easy to find out how they can best help you.