The word is schadenfreude - the German bon mot that describes the pleasure taken from someone else's misfortune.

In this case, of course, as the title suggests, Eric Anders isn't able to experience that pleasure quite yet. Taken from his album Eleven Nine, Looking Forward… might not have originally been written about Donald Trump, but it has found a perfect target in the President of the United States. So much so that all of Eleven Nine is a self-proclaimed "anti-trump album" and Anders has pledged to donate any profits from it to the American non-profit organisation Lambda Legal, which uses the courts to fight for the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and people living with HIV.

Anders hopes that Trump's stay in the White house will be a short one but warns us that the divisions in society that led to his surprise election won't go away when Trump does.

"The resistance will have to continue after this misogynist, homophobic, criminal, traitorous, racist, immature, ignorant con man has been exposed for what he is, and he has been appropriately jailed," says Anders on his website. "The party of Lincoln should be ashamed, as should all of those self-professed, head-in-the-sand, Lee-statue-loving 'patriots' who voted for this in(s)ane ass hole, who may be more of a traitor than Lee himself was. Sad!"

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