Exactly the sentiment that the Fight Evil playlist was created for, this is a song for anyone who has washed their hands of the current crop of hypocritical politicians and demands an alternative.

It's also a belter of a protest song by a melodic pop punk three-piece from the outer limits of London. The title of Give Us Something… sums up the age-old lament of the disenfranchised. Singer Nadia speaks directly to the leaders of the UK and tells them she wants nothing more to do with their empty promises and alienating policies. And she calls for "people power" to knock them off their perch.

"The recent rise in hate crimes are disgusting," says a statement by the band, "and this song serves as a reminder that if we stick together as a nation and don’t let the far right racist bigots breed hatred in us, hopefully we can take over and break down this corrupt system…. people power innit!"

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