Moby despises Donald Trump and everything he stands for. If you've watched the video for Erupt and Matter, you'll know that, even if you don't follow the veteran DJ and activist on social media. The sheer venom and anthemic roar of the music would be enough to tell you how he feels, even if the words weren't written in letters that fill the screen. This is a pounding techno incitement to riot under the banner "we don't trust you any more".

Moby's anger is of course extended to any world leader who lies to the people and exploits their fears, but as US President Trump is the most troubling because he happens to be on the doorstep, with his finger on the button.

"He's an actual sociopath and on the spectrum pretty close to being a psychopath," Moby told Rolling Stone last year. "He's done nothing to indicate that he's even capable of feeling empathy [for anyone] except for himself."

Bafflingly, Moby was invited to DJ at Trump's inauguration ball. He declined the offer.

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