The more things change, the more they say the same. This song from 2006 could have been written in 2017, which is not to say that protest is futile, but rather a solemn reminder that the fight for equality and justice against greed and brutality never ends.

Pink is best known as a frivolous pop singer with a string of chart-topping global dance hits like Get the Party Started. But on this collaboration with the Indigo Girls she takes a bitter swipe at the hypocrisy and prejudice of then president George W Bush. At times it's very pointed and personal. "What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?" she asks. "What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?"

Of course it's easy for critics to snipe at a wealthy pop star who suddenly appears to develop a conscience and a cynic might accuse Pink of self-righteousness at best. But on the other hand, when a woman in the public eye does nothing to advance the cause of feminism, she is open to accusations of perpetuating a phallocentric society.

Ultimately, any artist who encourages the masses to question their masters should be embraced.

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