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This is the Kit are one of the perfect come down projects to wrap your headphone around. The sounds also feel like the understand how to get you to a state of calm, with lyrical zen and sonic washes.

All Written Out in Numbers is clarity in chaos with gorgeous witty lyricism that have percussive impact with wonderful sounding words like trickling, bubbling, jabbering. The sonic soundscape is fill with buzzing passive distortion, washing percussion, starlight guitars and a comfortable chorale of lyrics.

This is the song for a bit of stargazing wondering what is up there in the sky and if the folks on the International Space Station miss home. Stargazers of the world unite, here's your anthem.   

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About the Curator: Sam Murray

Sam Murray - Musicto Curator

Sam Murray is a liability when it come to music, he harbours a secret passion for cheese but most of all actually believe the Eurovision Song Contest has good songs, and that if he played them to you without knowing it was from the contest, you would love it too!

It is said if you cut Sam open out will fall a punch card for a music box and a drum for a heart powered by every step he takes. He is a professional clarinetist and plays in several bands in a variety of style. He also holds a Masters Degree in Popular Music, so you would hope he knows his stuff, and is currently working towards a Popular Music PhD exploring the music scene in Portland Oregon.

Sam holds three fundamental truths in life:

  1. Everyone can make music
  2. Music is best made when answering questions and solving problems
  3. There is no such thing as a ‘guilty pleasure’, own your dark music secrets!!