Chemical Brothers have come up with an instantly likeable, contemporary, poppy anthem with an insanely catchy rolling bass-line and 90s computer game style synths. Add to that the relentless rapping of Q-Tip and you’ve got a song that will have you moving in no time.

I find it physically impossible to listen to this track without nodding my head. Luckily for me, I have managed to find a way to convert my nodding into scrubbing, sweeping and hoovering. Stick this track on repeat and your whole house will be clean within a few minutes. There’s a bit about 3 minutes in where it builds up to a drop where all cleaning is forgotten and all I can do is bounce around the kitchen playing air-guitar with a wooden spoon (I realise there’s no guitar on the track but air-keyboard isn’t anywhere near as satisfying). I may not look as cool as I feel but just think of all the calories I must be burning. 

My 1 year old daughter also loves this song so I’m expecting it to be a household classic for many years to come - until she reaches her teens, finds the idea of dancing with her Dad mortifyingly embarrassing and labels it the worst song ever. Until then, I’m going to keep dancing!


Adam Richardson is a freelance graphic and digital designer, working under the moniker of MyNameIsAd. He works on varied projects from branding and print to interactive digital experiences and games. Based in the UK, his clients are spread around the world from Australia to the US.

Quick note from the Musicto team - we love Adam - he did all of the graphics that we use for the playlists - he's a super guy to work with!


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