Need more house cleaning music? Well I hope you have on comfortable shoes! Toro Y Moi’s Still Sound is exactly what you’re looking for. The groovy bass line and guitar riffs are sure to bring out your inner dance machine

Chazwick Bundick trades in his synthesizers for real instruments and explores late 70’s indie rock with his sophomore project ‘’Underneath The Pine’’. This song makes me feel like I’m rolling down a hill of dandelions. The track has a lot of funk to it, and Chazwick doesn’t try to do anything flashy, just good old fashioned grooves.

After the success of his fist album which was more electronic than alternative you would think he would stick to the recipe. But a true artist evolves over time and clearly this time he decided to keep things simple.  If you can’t at least nod your head to this then I don’t know what to tell you. You must not like dandelions.

You can learn more about Toro Y Moi here: 

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