When I am a grandma one day I won't tell my kids that I walked miles in the snow to get to school (I grew up in the desert so that would be a flat out lie). I will, however, tell them about the time I walked to Berghain alone to see one of my favorite DJs (Fort Romeau) at 3 in the morning, . I'll then tell them that he didn't go on until 9a which meant I had to entertain my drunk sleepy self for 6 hours. (I will likely leave out the part of the story where a guy wearing only a pair of tennis shoes and  a leather harness was hitting on me.)

Once Fort Romeau came on stage I was so exhausted that I only ended up staying 45 minutes (LAME, I KNOW.) Fort Romeau--do you hear that? Please come back to Berlin! 

*Curated by Nicole, Nico New Media

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