Last night, after a few glasses of wine, my roommate and I were laughing about our individual dancing styles when we are at a club and completely immersed in the music. My roommate tends to hang out in front of the DJ. She's usually swinging her arms, but in a very controlled way as if she's marching (that or fending off a bevy of zombies.) Oh and she's usually smiling really big at other people, wanting to make sure that those around her are having just as much fun as she is.

I, on the other hand, am usually in the middle of the crowd; my march is a bit more subdued, my hips are completely in sync with the drum beat, and my smile,'s fucking huge. I could seriously spend the whole night with my eyes closed, smiling like an absolute idiot but my inner monologue always prevents this, "Open your eyes, Nicole."

Whatever your "dancing style" is, you'll certainly enjoy practicing some new moves to this "killer" track. 

Curated by Nicole, Nico New Media

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