The lyrics to It's Ok were written by Patricia Edwards way before I ever made the song. I liked it when I first heard the lyrics and then decided to write music to it. Since Patricia is based in New York and I am based In Johannesburg, I wanted the song to have both an American as well as a South African feel to it. I also wanted the song to fit in any club around the world. Hope you enjoy!

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Ernesto Blaque

I am a South African born DJ. I  became fascinated with music from an early age when I joined the school choir at grade 2 (though I eventually fell off that band wagon when I reached adolescence.) I really believe that music is a metaphor to life. As a music student you know that good things come with hard work, dedication and perseverance. You cannot become a world renowned pianist after just 2 weeks of practice, it’s a lifestyle (as are most things in life.) You have to constantly chase after your dreams and goals.

Predominantly my music has a more relaxed, tropical sound with a deep and airy feel. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to be moved by it because it’s more of an emotional journey.  But that being said, I am from a dance and clubbing generation, which means even fast paced songs are an emotional journey for me.

DJs who inspire me include Black Coffee, Dennis Ferrer, Ralph Gum and Jero Nougues. They have shaped how I approach production and DJ sets -- but I listen to a lot music apart from EDM including Hip Hop, Kwaito, Classical and RnB. Now and then, I like to pick up a record from an artist I have never heard before or of a different sounding genre just to broaden my perspective.