The lyrics to this song are as follows "Sweet dolla' tea from McDonald's, I drink that. Super hot fire, I spit that. 2 & A Half Men, I watch that." After a quick interweb research (thanks Google), I discovered that the vocals were pulled from this YouTube rap battle between SUPAHOTFIRE and B-Bone. Maybe SUPAHOTFIRE isn't the best rapper, but he sure makes one hell of  a presence on this track. Can't. stop. listening.

This makes me want to get shit done while (and also drink a sweet dolla' tea from McDonald's, but that's beside the point.) It's no surprise that this track is so fucking fire...David Keno hails from Bern, Switzerland. Get it? Bern. Burn. Um, never  mind. Just do yourself a favor and put this song on repeat the next time you need to multi-task. 

*Curated by Nicole, Nico New Media

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