Ever heard that saying "it's not Mondays you hate, it's your job." Well, I sort of agree. Even though I get to listen to music for a living (pretty sweet, right?) there is something so "blah" about Mondays. Mondays mean I have to wait 5 more days before I'm back on a packed, sweaty dance floor gyrating like one of those floppy balloon guys in front of a used car dealership with other techno nerds (all of whom are facing the DJ and not interacting with one another.) We are there for the music, not the socialization, duh! 

I digress. Ever since I stumbled upon this song, I can't stop listening to it. It's so great, I don't even want to dilute it with my fanciful analogies. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it....really, really loud. 

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Nicole Paulus

Nicole Paulus has always been a huge music nerd. When she's not on a dance floor waving her arms like a madwoman, she’s busy running her own digital marketing company Nico New Media.