Max Cooper creates "highly produced, emotional electronica made for both the dance floor and sit-down concerts." When I hear this song I am immediately reminded of the deep, introspective journey that music sometimes takes me on. There I am in the middle of dance floor, surrounded by gyrating strangers and dancing lights. I close my eyes and go on a mini-vacation in my mind. I'm seeing myself laughing as a child, I'm feeling the pain of a distant heartbreak as if the wound were fresh and new, I'm smiling at the fact that all the obstacles I've overcome have somehow managed to lead me to this very dance floor. My body has become one with the music now and will only stop moving if the beat does.

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KCW is the electronic music project of Kellen Charles Wohl, a musician, producer, DJ and pianist living in San Francisco. KCW composes, arranges, and performs his own creative blend of electronic dance music in the deep and progressive house, future bass, melodic trap, and minimal genres.