On Saturday night I arrived to Griessmühle; formerly a pasta factory, and presently one of my favorite clubs in Berlin. Not only is it just a few U-bahn stops from my house, but it's a bit off the beaten path (and a bit gritty), which means it doesn't attract a lot of tourists.

I've never had a bad time there, and this weekend was no exception. I arrived at 12:30p (early for Berlin standards, but we wanted to see Daniela La Luz perform) and didn't leave until 6:30a. Though the party was still very much happening, my body was oh so very tired. I may be turning 30 this year, but I can still shake my ass all night long. Oh and when I checked my step counter later that day, you can guess how amused I was when I read that I had made 32,976 steps and walked 14.2 miles!! Techno = Life. 

*Curated by Nicole, Nico New Media

You can find out more about Daniela La Luz here:

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