It's the freakin' weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Before I crack open a bottle of beer and toast to the ending of a particularly stressful week, I still have a few tasks I need to finish backing up all my data to my external hard drive (a habit I need to just go ahead and adopt weekly). 

My hard drive unexpectedly crashed last week so I've been attempting to work off of friends' computers while simultaneously mourning the loss of all my random notes and brain dumps that never manifested into anything significant. Don't get me started on how hard it is to type on a German keyboard...NO COMMENT! Luckily an awesome dude by the name of The Apple Guy was able to retrieve all my information and replace the hard drive for less than half the price a certified Apple store quoted me, but not before I had a few panic attacks and shed a few tears.

That being said, I want you to have a great weekend, I really do....but before you do that, PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DAMN DATA!!. Seriously, do it now.

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