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So we're going to be making some changes to the Music to Fly With Confidence playlist - after a year of curating we recognize that while the idea was great and that yes - soothing piano music is a great way to calm your fear of flying - we're probably hiding our light under a bushel here.

This playlist is an amazing compilation of some of the best piano music out there and people just aren't finding it - so we're going to change its name to something as simple as: Music to Love Piano.  It'll take a little while to make the changes on the back end but we should be done by the end of July.

This works pretty well as Igor has a huge workload this month and is taking a little sabbatical.

With that said - we wanted to make sure there was a Piano track on the Summer 18 playlist and I (Andrew) have been a huge fan of Igor's track Growing Up.  It's such an upbeat track - with beautiful piano, strings, clarinet - there's such a good energy to the track that it's perfect for that summer feeling of being outside and enjoying what life has to offer.

So - this week - I'm hijacking the list - adding this track and adding it to the summer playlist.

Igor should be back next month with a new look and a whole new set of amazing piano based tracks.  See you then!

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About the Curator - Igor Longhi

Igor Longhi, Italian piano and soundtracks composer, life enthusiast.

After the publication of 4 albums and international live experience with his reggae band (Makako Jump) from 2002 to 2015, Igor got back to his classical origins by capitalizing on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Einaudi, Yiruma, Tiersen, and drawing with classicism and minimalism piano its flag.

(Piano) music is simply his life.


Music to Fly With Confidence Playlist

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