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The first time I heard this track, I got completely into it. It's powerful, it's uplifting, it's overwhelming. And it was associated to a stunning video that became viral in no time. A guy, Noah Kalina, took a picture of himself once a day for almost 6 years, and then put everything in a rapid sequence. Can you imagine it? Almost 3.000 pictures that in less then 6 minutes flow in front of your eyes.. and this music running as sountrack.

Carly Comando is a thirty-two year old pianist who resides both in Bethlehem, PA and on the road.  She has already achieved commercial success with her instrumental song “Everyday” and continues to create music both on her own and in her band, Slingshot Dakota.  A combination of classical training, perfect pitch and true love of music give Carly an advantage in captivating her audience worldwide. 

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About the Curator - Igor Longhi

Igor Longhi, Italian piano and soundtracks composer. From the experiences at the Conservatory through the publication of 4 albums and international live experience with his reggae band (Makako Jump), Igor composes his music by capitalizing on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Einaudi, Yiruma, Tiersen, and making of classicism and minimalism its flag.


Music to Fly With Confidence Playlist

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