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Do you ever grin when you listen to music?  No seriously - when you're on your own and nobody's looking and you don't need to present the mask that the world seems to need - do you ever just joyfully let your face contort and unashamedly express how music makes you feel?

I love this track - I love Igor's music - I've written about it here, here, and here and every time I'm kinda stoked.

Igor wouldn't write about his own music on his playlist which is why this week - I am guest posting - and am delighted to share an Igor Longhi track with you!

This track is all about the third minute.  If music is about setting up expectations and hitting them - the third minute of this track exceeds them!

I could write more, but really - what you should do with the time you'd have spent reading my words - go and listen to the track - it's awesome...

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About the Curator - Igor Longhi

Igor Longhi, Italian piano and soundtracks composer. From the experiences at the Conservatory through the publication of 4 albums and international live experience with his reggae band (Makako Jump), Igor composes his music by capitalizing on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Einaudi, Yiruma, Tiersen, and making of classicism and minimalism its flag.


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