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Music to Satisfy Your Inner Jellyfish
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We jellyfish were made for eating little fishes. That's what we dream about. Though we aren't really capable of dreaming or spiritual experience in the sense that you might understand, we do have desires. We hunger, we suffer through deprivation and hardship, and we wish to remain alive. Of course, we also seek to reproduce. 

If you were to judge by appearances, you might think that we're the most profound beings on earth. Science will tell you that we have a very limited inner existence. Nevertheless, you can never really know what goes on inside the mind of another. For all you know, it's a never ending cascade of earth-shattering imagery, insight and illumination.  

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says, "those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."  Enjoy the ethereal and spirit tingling sounds of Elorah. 

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About the Curator - AK Rockefeller

AK Rockefeller - Music to Curator

AK Rockefeller is the avatar-in-chief of Identity Transduction Systems (ITS).  AK leads the ITS team of artists, musicians and activists who produce multimedia art & propaganda for important human rights causes.  AK is the youngest son of Michael Rockefeller who went missing off the coast of West Papua in 1961.  Much like most other public figures and celebrities, AK exists in realm between reality and fiction.  His identity represents an challenge to the nature and concept of the 'public persona' in today's reality. 

The activities of AK Rockefeller and ITS constitute an ongoing psychological operation against the warmongering capitalist status quo.  By taking the Rockefeller name and manipulating the symbols of power, AK creates a real fictional alternative to the fake populist movements of today quietly serving the interests of existing elites.