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Music to Satisfy Your Inner Jellyfish
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It's been a strange week for this jellyfish.  I had to swim very far out of my usual feeding zones to find the right sort of fish and was unable to rest satisfactorily.  This in turn led to some very disturbing jellyfish dreams.  

I saw an enormous sea monster, a chthulu.  At first it took the form of a giant octopus, but then it disintegrated into an infinity of particles -- each of which was a tiny demon fish.  It was one and many all at once.  The host of demon fish washed over me in waves.  These waves filled me with an indescribable, all-encompassing dread.  Then the fish would re-assemble into various monstrous forms, each more terrifying than the last.  

You might ask how can a creature with no brains possibly dream.  Don't question it.  All living things have consciousness in some form or other.  And most concsiousness is just confusion.  Nothing has the power to create fear quite like total confusion.  The soundtrack to my turbulent turmoil is this bizarre electronic gem by Lindsay Lowend.  

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About the Curator - AK Rockefeller

AK Rockefeller - Music to Curator

AK Rockefeller is the avatar-in-chief of Identity Transduction Systems (ITS).  AK leads the ITS team of artists, musicians and activists who produce multimedia art & propaganda for important human rights causes.  AK is the youngest son of Michael Rockefeller who went missing off the coast of West Papua in 1961.  Much like most other public figures and celebrities, AK exists in realm between reality and fiction.  His identity represents an challenge to the nature and concept of the 'public persona' in today's reality. 

The activities of AK Rockefeller and ITS constitute an ongoing psychological operation against the warmongering capitalist status quo.  By taking the Rockefeller name and manipulating the symbols of power, AK creates a real fictional alternative to the fake populist movements of today quietly serving the interests of existing elites.