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After 20 years together as a band Umphrey’s McGee set out to record the album “it’s not us”. This would be the 11th time the band has released a full-length studio album. The first single from the upcoming album is “The Silent Type” a fresh and catchy new sound from a band that’s musical versatility is unmatched in music today.

“The Silent Type” is another rocking track from Umphrey’s reminiscent of The Cult and Talking Heads but with a modern twist and up beat groove. UM (Umphrey’s McGee) has become a band that I find myself going back to. Their  electric eclectic rock sound is driven from a wide range from influences and styles but one thing is for sure this band flat out rocks!

UM thrives on improvisation and it has become the band's calling card. Whether it is a night of Improvisational jams, mash-ups or songs from there masterfully written catalog, UM always puts on a show worthy to jam to.

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