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Everyone has a few of those albums that you always go back to, what are some of  yours? One of mine has always been Deep Banana Blackout’s Rowdy Duty. Its been apart of my life for nearly 20 years and at this point feels more like a conversation with an old friend than a recorded musical performance.

Bump and Sway is the perfect jam to start any set list. Right from the first funky few frets the groves start to flow on this track. As anyone who has had the privilege to see Deep Banana Blackout live can tell you, its not long before you take on the songs namesake and start to Bump and Sway yourself!

I first saw DBB not in there hometown of Bridgeport CT but at the legendary Wetlands Preserve in NYC in 1999. Already having the both of their releases already committed to memory still did little to prepare me for the Tour de Funk that I was about to experience. Bump and Sway showcases Deep Banana Blackout musical chops as well as the bands energy and excitement. Laden with solos and dynamic improvisation Bump and Sway is just a feel good jam you cant help but move to!  

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About the Curator - Marc James 

Marc James - Music to Curator

It was a cold winters night in Boston when Marc James was born into this world atop the pool table at Cheers. From the moment he sang out his first word “Norm!” the world knew the prophecy had been fulfilled. After turning down a scholarship to The Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Marc James attended broadcasting school to focus on the wonderful world of radio. With a degree in radio broadcasting proving to be about as valuable as a festering bucket of raccoon semen, Marc James took his talents and vast knowledge of useless information to the planet Radiotron to study under the Guru of Groove. Upon his return Marc James worked briefly for the Bartlet for America campaign before joining forces with mighty The Poop Culture Podcast, conveying his love of film, jambands, sports and all tings pop culture to the masses. It was then when he learned of his one true calling, bringing peace, love light and joy to the world, while we all wait for the impending zombie apocalypse.