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Red means recording! Super excited to put this track on this list.

If you do not know who Jeremy Blake is, he runs a YouTube channel called “Red means Recording”, where he makes really entertaining music videos giving the viewer an insight on how he makes his music. He’s most well known for a series of videos where he uses the teenage engineering OP-1 as the main driver in a piece of music.

Quoting the now youtube famous composer Christian Henson, “if you starve yourself of resources, you will get resourceful” - I definitely felt that in Jeremy’s OP-1 videos. But this song, and the rest of the tracks in his album, “Juvenile Hyperobject”, is where he goes super saiyan, showcasing a breath of production skills and textures that is simply amazing - personally I am most impressed by the vocal production in this track.

The fact that Jeremy DIY-ed the entire album and the music video for “Sing me to Sleep” makes him that much more inspiring to me. Do check him out!

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Oliver Cheung  - Music to Curator

Oliver Cheung is a musician based in Hong Kong. Although he has recently released his debut instrumental progressive rock EP (titled Remembrance), it is only a part of what he wanted to create, as he pursue his passion in music and art with the question, “what else is out there?”