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Richard Spaven is a fantastic drummer from London, UK and this track is a single from his album “The Self”. I first encountered this track on Youtube when Spaven did a live performance version on Meinl Cymbals’ channel. If you have never checked out Youtube channels of drum manufacturers, you are in for a treat - I have discovered some amazing music through their gear videos.

Big fan of the track’s emphasis on Spaven’s drumming, where the melodic elements are just there to support and “complete the picture” so to speak - nonetheless the guitar tone in this track is really smooth. Love it.

The use of filters and delayed drum hits on top of the live take makes the album version just as interesting as the live performance on Meinl Cymbals’ YouTube channel.

One note on the live version - Spaven put a cymbal on his main snare tightening up the sound, whilst contrasting it with a second snare with wires off, using it more like a tom drum. Very very interesting to bedroom musicians like myself who learnt to write drum parts through sample libraries. .

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Oliver Cheung is a musician based in Hong Kong. Although he has recently released his debut instrumental progressive rock EP (titled Remembrance), it is only a part of what he wanted to create, as he pursue his passion in music and art with the question, “what else is out there?”