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Some of you may have expected this since I mentioned Adam Neely in the previous track.

Sungazer is his musical project with drummer Shawn Crowder, where its sound palette is mainly driven by glitch sound effects, bass, guitars and drums. Though I say glitch, this is a completely different sound than those of Akisai, which was featured on this playlist previously. I’d say it has a more live-based approach, more energetic - love it just as much as Akisai.

This particular track also features the voice of vocalist Justina Maria Soto.

Neely and Crowder also did a live video of this on Neely’s Youtube channel, where they played the song with live (midi) controlled visuals - again, similar to what Akisai does, but approached in a completely different way.

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About The Curator - Oliver Cheung

Oliver Cheung is a musician based in Hong Kong. Although he has recently released his debut instrumental progressive rock EP (titled Remembrance), it is only a part of what he wanted to create, as he pursue his passion in music and art with the question, “what else is out there?”