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Okada is the musical brainchild of Gregory Pappas, with a focus on an ambient electronic sound edging on drone/loop based/meditative music but with enough development to keep one interested throughout the track that is 15 minutes long.

This is one of those tracks where I cannot explain why but somehow am able to have strong emotional connection with.

One of the fans commented on his bandcamp profile saying Gregory’s music is “similar to the fragrance of a beautiful flower” Interesting analogy.

The album, “Misery”, is released through n5MD, an independent record that focuses primarily on electronic music, and I have already discovered a number of albums that I really liked. Discovering new music through labels is a relatively new thing for me and it’s been awesome so far.

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About The Curator - Oliver Cheung

Oliver Cheung  - Music to Curator

Oliver Cheung is a musician based in Hong Kong. Although he has recently released his debut instrumental progressive rock EP (titled Remembrance), it is only a part of what he wanted to create, as he pursue his passion in music and art with the question, “what else is out there?”