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This track is a bonafide classic. In a sense it is the quintessential Motown croon, combining soul and love to command the audience to feel something. In a different sense, it is a sound no one but Stevie Wonder could ever dream of bringing to life because it doesn’t just make you feel omethin, it makes you feel verythin. In that way it is a typical song from Wonder, but the instrumentation pulls in a bit more rock and roll and funk elements than the music of his earlier career.

When I hear this song I almost always have the same reaction: a moment where I freeze, followed by a smile and an unconscious movement of my body that would be considered dancing if I had any talent. Every time, it is an instant transportation in to that world we all get introduced to as children, the place that great music takes you. Whether you are falling in love or in debt, dreaming up your future or reflecting on your past, this track will enhance your experience. Next time you face adversity you could go the traditional route and let live and let God, but I suggest trying to let live and let Stevie.

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