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A good playlist should be designed like a musical version Plato's Symposium on any given topic or style. There should be variety, but there should be focus. There should be intent, but there should also be a playful looseness. When the curator of a playlist finds a song that checks every box he or she is looking for, it feels like a gift has been bestowed upon them by the very grace of whatever may constitute the highest power in the universe. Revelations by Mos Def is one of those songs. 

Mos Def is man of many hats, but to me he wears this one the best. Revelations is a rebellious song and a political song, but it is importantly balanced with vivacity and spirit. The sweeping lyrics are laced over a slinking beat, the two paired together with sort of a sense of humor underlying the contrast. Most Def is a master at delivering a message in a way that people pay attention to, and this track is a perfect example of that rare skill. Revelations isn't named Revelations for no reason.

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About The Curator - Jake Greenstein

Jake Greenstein   - Music to Curator

Jake Greenstein is a student, a rapper, a basketball lover, and an avid music fan. He loves movies, books, stand-up comedy, and would be happy to debate Jordan versus Lebron, the top five rappers dead or alive, The Beatles versus The Stones, Veganism versus the Standard American Diet, or basically anything else. Jake was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.