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This track is an eight minute melting pot of New Orleans bounce, jazz, hip hop, soul, and just about every other ingredient that makes you want to listen to a song. It’s one of those songs that will make you dance and laugh and clap and scream and shout and then do it all over again, because its just that infectious. This is one of the few songs longer than five minutes that I will always listen to in its full length, and I always do because it makes me feel that sensation that only the best music does: that feeling of being possessed by the soul of the instrumentation, the passion and the rhythm and the cadence of the vocals, the pauses that accentuate the sound. 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, this track will transport you to a Bourbon Street parade. As the name of the band implies, the classic brassy sound of the bayou is as present as ever on Let Me Do My Thing, but with an infusion of hip hop and emceeing. Along with the rap breaks, there are some moments of brilliantly raw call-and-response chants that add dimension and depth to the song. 

The first time I heard this song, I thought I had found a totally new genre. The second time I listened to it I realized that that didn't matter - whatever it was called, it was incredible music. 

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Jake Greenstein   - Music to Curator

Jake Greenstein is a student, a rapper, a basketball lover, and an avid music fan. He loves movies, books, stand-up comedy, and would be happy to debate Jordan versus Lebron, the top five rappers dead or alive, The Beatles versus The Stones, Veganism versus the Standard American Diet, or basically anything else. Jake was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.