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Alicia Keys is obviously no stranger to making hits. What is especially amazing about this song is that the minimalism of the production and instrumentation actually enhances Keys' magnetism. Apparently, less really can be more. Over a simple guitar riff Keys sing/raps a soulful and heartfelt plea, asking us, "How you gonna kill your mama, when only mama loves you to the end?" 

The track has an element of rock and blues to it, coming from the guitar and the inflection of Keys' vocals, but it also has hints of rap and strong soulful overtones (as is to be expected from Alicia Keys). There is something about the buildup of the rhythm and the verses together towards the climactic hook that is totally enthralling and suspenseful. I think part of it is that the song cuts straight through any pleasantries and jumps head first in to raw, real lyrics playing hopscotch on top of unpolished guitar strums. It leaves the listener slightly off balance and attempting to catch up, just grasping the warmth of the vibe of the track upon first listen. Simply put, Mrs. Keys came with it!   

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