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Fronted by adept lyricist and rising star Vic Mensa, Kids These Days was a band that combined awesome elements of different genres of music. Unfortunately, they aren't together anymore but while they were, they delivered some exceedingly bounce-able tracks. Darling is one of those. A lighthearted, soulful, jazzy rendition of a love song written and performed by then-teenagers, this track is just enjoyable. Through bluesy vocals and brass horns and tightly coiled lyricism, the band makes missing your lover sort of a fun experience, if that's possible. 

To me, the combination of different musical styles is almost always a welcome marriage. I mean, what is hip hop if not a fusion of all the best elements of American music? This track executes such a union with impressive proficiency. Plus, you get to hear Chicago-born Mensa reference Derrick Rose's rookie year with the Bulls and remember how damn good he could have been. 

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Jake Greenstein is a student, a rapper, a basketball lover, and an avid music fan. He loves movies, books, stand-up comedy, and would be happy to debate Jordan versus Lebron, the top five rappers dead or alive, The Beatles versus The Stones, Veganism versus the Standard American Diet, or basically anything else. Jake was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.