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The term, "reality check," is used negatively most of the time. Mostly to point out the ignorance of individuals and groups in situations. However, Noname's inspiring hip-hop track, "Reality Check," uses the term to empower the listeners. In this song, "reality check" refers to recognizing that one's difficulties shouldn't stop them from seizing opportunities. And that everybody has advantages and privileges in life that must be acknowledged.

"Granny gon' turn up in her grave / And say, "My granny really was a slave for this? / All your uncompleted similes and pages ripped / You know they whipped us niggas; How you afraid to rap it?"

In the lyrics, Noname acknowledges that she is privileged to be born after the abolishment of slavery. Thus, Noname's reality check soothed the fear and pressure she felt from being a musician. 

Anyway, Eryn Allen Kane and Akenya provide soulful vocals that capitalize on Noname's poetic lyricism and delivery. Additionally, the instrumental is very bouncy and colorful, making it an instant mood booster. Specifically, the sunny keyboard and xylophone layered on top of the groovy bassline create a great foundation for the track. Overall, the beautiful instrumental coupled with great feature vocals and Noname's inspiring lyricism makes for a perfect picnic song.

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