Always on the hunt from fresh music to play in my DJ sets, I find myself rediscovering some old favorites all the time and being reminded of their immense talent. There are very few artists who seem to keep up their momentum up by making solid releases time after time. I can safely say that Vinyl Speed Adjust from the Romania capital of Bucharest always seem to get it right. True masters of the Romanian sound I constantly find myself putting their records in my bag for pretty much all of my gigs.

For the playlist this week I’ve chosen “Midnight Runner” from the duo, which was featured on their follow up EP on Visionquest titled ‘Retro. This track is something that will work effortlessly on the dance floor with a solid hypnotic groove. It’s the type of track that is meant to take clubbers on a tripped out journey though out the night. Check out more from this pair if you really want to dance and lose yourself within the music.

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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