This week I’ve featured my dear friend Julie Maghilano on the Music To Clean House To playlist. Another Las Vegas kid Julie and I met through a mutual friend from our hometown. The friend in question kept telling me about her friend Julie and showing me her music. I was certainly surprised to hear she was making music that I was into. Eventually we would meet in Las Vegas during a shared gig on New Year’s Eve. From that point on we became close friends and she was my support system when I first moved to the other side of the world from San Francisco to Berlin.

Her track “Silence” was one of my all time favorites when she first showed it to me. I loved the ghost like synths that create this very spooky atmosphere while being completely dance floor friendly. As a producer Julie is always evolving and finding new machines to play with to create music. When she isn’t in the studio making music she is running her party series and vinyl only label Sol Asylum. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their events in the legendary Club Der Visionaere or sister club Hoppetosse then make sure to put it on your Berlin bucket list when visiting the city.

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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