When I first heard Cassy back in my Miami days in the outdoor area of the Electric Pickle, a downtown staple of house and techno in the city I wasn't expecting much.  The name was very familiar to me as I had heard of her before during my early love affair with Germany’s booming electronic music scene. Having actually never heard her DJ before I had very low expectations as I wasn’t the hugest fan of house music at the time.

I was a techno purist in the beginning of my electronic music journey and house music was the last thing on my mind. However I truly became a fan of Cassy that day. She absolutely blew my mind rocking a solid two-hour all vinyl set that ended up not being strictly house music. Cassy had a few techno tricks up her sleeve and after that day Cassy became one of my all time favorite DJs.

Last year Cassy released her long overdue debut album titled 'Donna,' the album brilliantly showcased her range as an artist and delivered some solid house cuts paired with her one of a kind voice. I chose "Move" as it strongly represents what Cassy made me do on that fateful day in Miami and every time I’ve seen her play afterwards. If there is one thing we can give her credit for doing is making people move and I believe we will be moving to Cassy for many more years to come.

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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