As a DJ in the techno capital of world of Berlin I’m constantly hunting for new gems that will bring the dance floor into a frenzy of high energy. It’s our jobs at DJs to connect with the audience in a magical way that builds and releases tension in the club. In the moment this usually happens very organically and is never forced.

During my weekly hunt for new music to play in my upcoming sets I stumbled across a new artist that I never had heard of before. Justin Cudmore’s track “Moment” is a track that is meant to be used in those special moments in the club where as a DJ you know you have the audience at your finger tips and it bring you nothing but joy to keep building it up to the delight of the audience.

Moment delivers some solid acid house vibrations that remind me of magical moments at Panorama Bar here in Berlin. A techno lover by heart I often take refuge from the darkness of Berghain to find some lightness in the comfort of the clubs other dance floor that brings more disco and house vibes then straight Berlin techno. I believe this track truly represents those moments I often experience during my own club adventures. Turn it up and get ready to move!

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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