Growing up in Las Vegas was always very tough when I was kid. We really had nothing we could do as kids growing up in the city of sin. Often we’d find trouble due to our pure lack of boredom. This would lead me to the rave scene of the 90s as a young teenager, probably too young. During this time techno was very fast and we would spend our weekend nights dancing and sweating in over crowded warehouses. One thing I remember clearly was my exposure to techno at the first rave I went to and what I loved about the repetitive dance music was that it really made me feel like I was in a machine or a factory. This feeling still runs true to me today when I find myself dancing within the darkness of Berlin’s Berghain.

This week I’ve chosen a lovely techno track from Matrixxman and Echologist that takes me back to the feeling that originally sparked my interest. The track funnily enough is called “Mainframe” and it certainly makes me feel like I’m stuck inside a computer but I really don’t mind being stuck here because it’s so interesting and fun. I hope your imagination will also run wild with this one because it reminds me of my youth and what lead me to become a DJ in the first place. Turn it up loud!

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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