When I first started listening to house and techno in the 90s, I was lucky enough to have the Internet to help me to discover new music. During that time the Internet was still relatively new  to everybody and I remember when Napster first came out and it changed my life, as I was able to download DJ set recordings from around the world. Where many people used it to download the latest Britney or Metallica songs I was using it to find more techno.

It was during this time that I discovered this week’s track in a Chris Liebing set from the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt, Germany. Once I heard it, that was only the first part and then I needed to ID it but luckily the Internet had plenty of techno music forums where I could post clips and try to ID it. I was lucky enough to get my answer and the track was “Mad Poet.” from Cari Lekebusch.

Originally released under the alias Phunkey Rhythm Doctor in 1997 on his H. Productions label it was re-released in 2004 under his real name. When I first heard this track it really resonated with me because the track actually tells a story of someone who really loves the underground sound with the vox poetry that he uses and for that reason I had to feature it on Music to Go Underground. Besides from that the track itself is a nice little techno groover with a slamming clap that almost sounds like a whip. This is one record I always have in my bag because it always works and now you know a little secret of the underground.

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About the Curator - Matt Pentycofe

Musically inclined at a young age, Matthew would play many instruments and perform in musical theatre until he became a teenager. It was during these years that he discovered techno music from attending his first rave parties. These fated events would start a chain reaction love affair that has continued now for 18 years.

Finding an immediate passion as a DJ his musical persona James Demon was born. While navigating through the house and techno scene worldwide he would eventually relocate to Berlin and launch his record label Occultists. The record label features mystical electronic music with an esoteric and occult flair.