As I quickly approach the seventeen-year mark of being a DJ I often look back at my musical evolution and find myself rediscovering old favorites that I hadn’t forgotten but they were just stored away on the shelves of the musical library in my mind. Sometimes certain feelings will spark the reminder or from listening to my old recordings that I find myself revisiting constantly.  D’marc Cantu’s “How Are We Doing?” is one of those tracks for me. So I’ve decided it’s time to dust it off my library shelf and share it with you all this week.

The track is one of my favorite secret weapons to use on the dance floor during my club performances and it always works flawlessly in the right moment. The bouncy acid bassline always has me grooving, as it does right now in my seat as I write this to you. I stumbled onto the track by accident when browsing the website of Delsin Records one of my all time favorite imprints for underground house and techno music. Even though this track isn’t a Delsin release I found the Mos Deep label from their website. If you are unfamiliar with Delsin I highly suggest checking it out and exploring the other labels that they support on there. You will find nothing but quality there so if you’re hungry for more now you know where a good place to start is.

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About the Curator - Matt Pentycofe

Musically inclined at a young age, Matthew would play many instruments and perform in musical theatre until he became a teenager. It was during these years that he discovered techno music from attending his first rave parties. These fated events would start a chain reaction love affair that has continued now for 18 years.

Finding an immediate passion as a DJ his musical persona James Demon was born. While navigating through the house and techno scene worldwide he would eventually relocate to Berlin and launch his record label Occultists. The record label features mystical electronic music with an esoteric and occult flair.