Everything time I close my eyes while I’m listening to this song I’m transported back to the O2 Academy at Brixton. I vividly remember leaning on the railing trying to get a better look at the dancing glaring light on stage. I remember hearing this song months after the concerts and being plagued by the feeling that I heard it before, but neither did I remember where or by whom. But that didn’t matter because the blissfulness that overcame me was enough for me to know that I’d found a song I never even knew I needed.

"Can I say something crazy?

I love you

Give me both your hands

To make it up to you

Let me spin and excite you"

If we look at the lyrics to this song is a perfect example of the type of playlist I want this to be because no matter how difficult it is to express yourself in real life, music is always there for you. I often think about the different versions of ourselves because people, places and so many other things impact us. We may not act the same around all our friends because each one of them brings out different things about us. And that’s what makes human beings so amazing, the fact that we are so complex and different, but at the same time we are only one person. So do something crazy, have fun and express yourself because you’re only you.

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About the Curator - Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor is a senior at Austin College who watches too much Netflix and listens to her music a bit too loud. Her passion for music stems from a childhood full of sleeping on chairs at concerts to singing at the top of her lungs with her dad in the car to every new album he bought her. She's a Tumblr obsessed vegetarian, an animal-lover, a "let's share our feelings through music" kind of girl, who you will never catch without her journal and her pen in hand.

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