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This feels like a song I would have played on repeat while I was in middle school.

The difference is that in middle school I would have said love was real, right now that's hard to believe, especially at first sight. How can you love someone at first sight? Isn't that just physical attraction? I guess I need to know more about a person in order to "fall in love". Or maybe the word doesn't mean as much to others as it does to me? What is love? Can someone explain it to me? Because no matter how many times I say I don't believe in it, I hope that one day I can experience it. 

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About the Curator - Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor is a recent graduate from Austin College who watches too much Netflix and listens to her music a bit too loud. Her passion for music stems from a childhood full of sleeping on chairs at concerts to singing at the top of her lungs with her dad in the car to every new album he bought her. She's a Tumblr obsessed vegetarian, an animal-lover, a "let's share our feelings through music" kind of girl, who you will never catch without her journal and her pen in hand.

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